My name is Livi and this is me with my favourite human, my daughter Lily. Before I became a wedding photographer I always hated the traditional wedding pictures – Bride and Groom are forced to stand in front of the camera and mutter the word ‘cheeeeese’.  This is probably why I was put off wedding photography in the first place, there is nothing worse than forcing people to have their photo taken. September 2012 I stumbled across one of my favourite wedding photographers. There was something special about how he told their story, it wasn’t like anything I had seen before. I spent hours and hours looking through weddings and feeling as if I knew the people in the photographs. The images were truly beautiful, that was because he didn’t force it, he just stood back and let their story unfold. Those images had a massive influence on me and it made me realise what type of photographer I wanted to become. So here I am today with a strong  passion for natural wedding photography, with just a hint of formality and telling your story how it should be told.