My equipment

For the past few months I have been getting a lot of emails from people interested in which camera equipment I use and how I achieve those ‘blurred backgrounds and creamy tones.’ So, I thought i’d write a blog explaining my equipment and why I enjoy shooting with it. This post is mainly for beginner photographers and people who are looking for a new camera or lens. Please bear in mind although I may be getting a little bit technical, these are my personal views on my equpiment and others may not 100% agree:)

Firstly, you need to be willing to learn. It’s no use spending all this money on new lenses and cameras if you don’t know how to use them. You can’t take good photos over night, yes having good equipment can help, but I strongly suggest in doing your research into different brands ect and finding out which is best for you and your needs. Read books and search the internet before buying anything, I may even suggest hiring the lens you are looking to buy as although it may work for others it may not work for you.

Some people who email me think they’ll go and buy what ever lens I suggested and be able to produce photographs like mine. Unfortunately this isn’t true, yes the lens or camera will improve your images but I have taken a lot of time researching and improving my editing skills to get my photos to the level that they are today. I’m not saying they are amazing as I know i’m a long way off to where I want them to be, but doing my research has improved my skills.

My Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

I am a Canon girl! The first DSLR I owned was in fact a Nikon D3100. Although its a fab beginners camera (I highly recommend it) I just prefer how Canon feels and I believe Canon colours are wayy better (Nikon is best for its sharpness which may be a big plus for some people!) I can also tell when people are Canon shooters just by looking at their images as the colours are a lot more creamy and generally lovely! The reason why I chose the 5D Mark II is because it’s full frame which was very important to me as full frame cameras let in more light which means better quality photos. As I wanted to shoot weddings I needed to make sure I had a camera which could handle all light situations, full frames cope soo much better in poorly lit rooms than cropped frame sensors.

My Lenses:

I own 3 lenses which I personally think are the best that Canon have to offer. They’re not cheap as they are mainly L series but SO worth it if you are wanting to shoot weddings. Just think of it this way – If you are wanting to invest in something why not get the best of the best as you will more than likely not have to invest in it again (my dad taught me that one and he definitely makes sense!). I only use prime lenses as I believe they produce better quality photos as they let in more light, with them being prime I have to think more about what I’m shooting but that can only be a good thing right? If I had a zoom lens I think i’d become a lot more lazy and not focus on what I’m actually shooting.

50mm 1.4 (£283.99 on Amazon)


Photo taken in Egypt on a Canon 50mm 1.4, my all time favourite picture of my boyfriend enjoying his camel ride.

This is my portrait lens. My cheapest and my joint favourite. I rushed into getting this lens, although I love the focal length and the dreamy colours it gives, I just wish I waited a little longer to save for the 1.2 (see what i mean by only buying the best) I like to shoot wide open so I would have preferred the 1.2, although the 1.4 is a fantastic lens and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap(ish) lens as the focal length is the same as the human eye (on full frame) which makes it perfect for holidays and everyday shots ect! I use this lens 80% of the time and its the only one I took with me to Egypt! View my holiday snaps here.

35mm 1.4 (£1,147.47 on Amazon)

Anne + Sam-0155

Photo taken with a canon 35 1.4mm lens of Anne, Sam and cute little Josh!

This lens is a wide angle lens. So its great for landscape photography or group shots if you’re a wedding photographer. Although I don’t use it as much as the others its still a bloomin’ good piece of equipment and I would be lost with out it. It produces sharp photos and is also great in dim light:)A very important lens for any wedding photographer!

85mm 1.2 (£1,640.00 on Amazon)


Photo taken with a Canon 85mm 1.2 I love the colours and sharpness in the picture!

This lens has changed my photography. I absolutely love it, and although its unbearably expensive its a prime example on investing in your equipment. The focal length means I can stand away from my subject and take amazing portraits without them even noticing. I call it my ninja lens and it really lives up to its name! I use it at the start of bride prep. This is when i’m just the strange girl nobody knows with the camera in everyones faces, so it allows me to stay out of peoples way (bride prep can be an emotional/stressful time) so it’s nice to be able to stay in the background and get the photos of the brides mum shedding a tear without being in her face! The 1.2 means it works amazing in low light so I also use it in churches and speeches. This lens is an absolute beauty and I can’t recommend it enough!

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT

Anne + Sam-03152

Photo taken with Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT

I’m not a massive fan when it comes to flash as I try to avoid it as much as possible. I like my photos to be soft and have a vintage tone so flash can sometimes ruin that for me. However, when push comes to shove and it needs to be used because of poorly lit venues it does a great job, this speedlite has never let me down!

Equipment I would like in the future:

I’d like to upgrade my 50mm 1.4 to the 1.2, i’m not in any rush to do this as the 1.4 has served me well but i’m definitely going to start saving those pennies!

I’d also like a tilt shift 45mm 2.8 as I borrowed one on a workshop a few months ago and thought it was amazing. It just gives your pictures something different but i’m not in any rush to get it. Maybe when i’m rich 😛

I hope this post has helped anyone wondering what I use or people wanting to invest in a lens. I’d love to know what lenses you use and find amazing in certain situations? Let me know if you have anymore questions as I’m happy to help out. I’m going to be writing a little blog on how I edited in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled:)


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