santorini (1 of 1)-38Before I became a wedding photographer I always hated the traditional wedding pictures – Bride and Groom are forced to stand in front of the camera and mutter the word ‘cheeeeese’.  This is probably why I was put off wedding photography in the first place, there is nothing worse than forcing people to have their photo taken. September 2012 I stumbled across one of my favourite wedding photographers. There was something special about how he told their story, it wasn’t like anything I had seen before. I spent hours and hours looking through weddings and feeling as if I knew the people in the photographs. The images were truly beautiful, that was because he didn’t force it, he just stood back and let their story unfold. Those images had a massive influence on me and it made me realise what type of photographer I wanted to become. So here I am today with a strong  passion for natural wedding photography, with just a hint of formality and telling your story how it should be told.

Being in a job surrounded by such happiness has had a big impacted on my life. I’ve finally found what i’m good at, what I believe I was always meant to do. If you do decide to book me as your wedding photographer I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’ve worked hard to be where I am today, and although i’m a long way off to where I want to be, I’ll continue to put as much hard work and determination into each of my weddings. There is nothing that makes me happier than having the pleasure to tell your story through my lens.